What Is A NAD+ Infusion And How Can It Help Anxiety & Depression?

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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that is present in most of our cells.

Their role is multifaceted and has many benefits, such as improving metabolic function, boosting brain cell repair and function, and reducing inflammation. NAD+ can help with reducing depression and anxiety by improving cellular function while ensuring that the neurotransmitters in our brain work together seamlessly and symbiotically.

NAD+ is an especially unique coenzyme in that it plays a role in the regulation of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a long-term problem that causes cellular damage, resulting in—amongst other adverse effects—heightened levels of anxiety. NAD+ can potentially correct these imbalances and therefore help with the reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms.

With a NAD+ infusion, a high dose of NAD+ is injected directly into the bloodstream to provide a faster result. Many IV hydration clinics—like ours—offer an IV drip that contains a saline solution rich with NAD+. Studies show that an increase in general hydration alone can boost the mood, and adding NAD+ to the infusion is the cherry on top. An IV NAD+ drip will not only provide the hydration you need, but also the beneficial properties of NAD+ itself. Not only that, IV hydration with NAD+ can flush out the toxins in your body, including toxic metals that are present in your daily food intake and environment.

The benefits of a NAD+ infusion include:

Increased metabolism

Increased energy

Reduced inflammation

Prevents and corrects DNA damage

Increased anti-aging benefits

NAD+ infusions can be used as a standalone treatment for anxiety and depression, or in conjunction with talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT therapy), or ketamine infusion therapy. Request a free consultation with our wellness center and IV hydration center and learn more about what a NAD+ infusion could do for you.

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