Protecting Your Mental Health Amidst The Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus has been an unprecedented disruption to society, affecting all of us in ways we never could have imagined. Not only is it a terrible event for our public health, but it is also a travesty to our mental health. With millions of Americans suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression, having an unknown situation—like a new and novel virus outbreak—only adds fuel to the fire of anxiety. Anxiety makes us feel out of control and uncertain about the future…so how do we protect our mental health during this time when anything can happen?

1. Limit news coverage. News coverage can be anxiety provoking, as the media tends to present sensationalized information without solutions. It may seem like there is so much information to take in, and yet so little time to process it. Sometimes news can even contradict itself, which makes it hard to know fact from fiction.

2. Take care of your health. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Your mental health and physical health are entwined, so taking care of your body will positively affect your mental health, too.

3. Reduce stress and meditate. Stress lowers your immune system and upsets your physical wellbeing. Try to keep stress levels low during this time so you are less likely to contract the virus. Meditating can also help by calming your mind and lowering your stress response.

4. Connect with friends and family. Being socially connected to your friends and family is extremely important during this time. Even if you are in quarantine, there are ways to stay connected via FaceTime, Google Hangouts or any of the many video chat options available out there. Set up time to video chat with family and friends, or maybe even do a virtual workout together and kill two birds with one stone!

5. Limit time on social media. Social media provides a lot of rapid information coming in at once, and it is oftentimes confusing to decipher accurate info from fake news. With information regarding the virus changing by the hour, it is hard to feel in control of your anxieties while scrolling through Facebook.

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