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Now using Virtual Reality Meditation Experiences For Anxiety and Pain

Leading-edge VR therapy for mental health and chronic pain

Mental Health

Mindfulness experiences and guided meditations.

Chronic Pain

Mindfulness and distraction for chronic pain and CRPS.

Launching a new 3-month ketamine program consisting of tailored IV and nasal ketamine with optional assisted VR meditation therapy to augment treatment.

ketamine infusion recovery vr therapy by Renew Ketamine & Wellness Center in Naperville, IL

Renew Ketamine and Wellness is excited to offer VR-Assisted Ketamine Therapy in partnership with RecoveryVR. Intelligently designed apps coordinate visual, audio, and motor-sensory stimulation to guide the healing journey. When paired with ketamine treatments, which enhance the brain’s neuroplasticity, VR experiences such as forest bathing, mindful experiences, and guided meditations can more accurately target the areas of the brain involved in recovery from mood disorders.

While VR-Assisted Ketamine treatments can have profound outcomes on their own, we strongly recommend regular cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), ideally twice a week, and consuming positive growth-focused media, such as:

  • Jim Kwik’s podcast
  • Ekhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now
  • Goalcast on YouTube

These help keep patients on track and motivated. Remember, showing up and planning is more than half the battle.

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