Ketamine For Alcoholism: The Surprising Treatment That Could Curb Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction is infamous for being extremely difficult to treat, as there are few effective therapies available.

Thanks to recent research, however, scientists now believe that the drug ketamine may help disrupt harmful patterns of behaviors associated with alcoholism. Ketamine could essentially rewire drinking-related memories, reducing the beck-and-call of the drink and and thus curbing alcohol intake.

Currently the treatments for alcoholism do not target the positive memories that are created from drinking alcohol. These are the memories people create when they associate alcohol with good feelings. As a result, certain environmental cues become ingrained in the minds of alcoholics, which can trigger cravings and drive sober people to drink again.

A study conducted out of the University College London aimed at using ketamine to target these memories and essentially over-write them. To test this theory, the participants were given an alcohol stimulus that would conjure good feeling about drinking. Once the stimulus was introduced, they were administered a ketamine infusion. What the study found was that those who had a memory triggered and then were administered ketamine dramatically reduced their overall alcohol consumption.

The science behind the use of ketamine it that it targets a brain receptor known at NMDA. This receptor is responsible for the creation of memories. The research suggests that if a person is administered ketamine as a memory is recalled, it makes that memory weaker, or completely erases it.

More research needs to be conducted on the use of ketamine as a treatment for alcoholism, however it is a promising therapy option. This can be added to the long list of conditions that ketamine can treat or alleviate, including psychiatric conditions, chronic pain, and migraine headaches. The future is looking bright for this drug.

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