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Renew Ketamine & Wellness Center

Since the late 1990s, ketamine has gained massive traction as a treatment for severe and treatment-resistant cases of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. It has also emerged as a viable alternative to opiate medications, especially for those suffering from hard-to-treat chronic pain conditions. Ketamine is administered via IV and is effective for up to 70% of patients, even those who have resisted other types of treatment. It works quickly—oftentimes alleviating depressive symptoms immediately following the first infusion. Imagine the life-changing impact that ketamine could provide someone suffering in the darkness of depression or constant pain—someone who has lost all hope.

Renew Ketamine & Wellness Center wanted to bring this hope to Chicagoland, filling a much-needed gap in the depression treatment options available here.

Our ketamine clinic is operated by some of the area’s leading emergency room physicians. The prominence of mental health disorders—not just here in Chicagoland, but throughout the United States and the world—is quickly reaching epidemic proportions. We want to do our part to stop this trend in its tracks, and reduce the amount of emotional and mental suffering taking place in our community. Our team is patient-focused and dedicated to delivering compassionate care in a comfortable and clinically-sound environment. We use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to ensure a safe and positive experience for each and every patient.

Will ketamine be your “reset” button? Find out by requesting a consultation at Renew Ketamine & Wellness Center, Chicagoland’s leading provider of ketamine for depression and chronic pain.

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